Our Company

Established in 1997, MSI prides itself in its service in the stainless steel industry. As a subsidiary of Chain Chon Group, MSI has continued to offer the most competitive pricing, quality, and know-how for more than 10 years in the U.S. Return customers and continual business is our gauge of success, and it is reflected in the growth and profitability of our clients. Our consistency and ingenuity in operational style, and unmatched reputation has contributed to more than 100,000 metric tons in sales. From the corporate office in Taiwan, our multinational expansion has reached Malaysia, Thailand, and additional markets in China.

MSI is supported by Chain Chon Group, with an expertise in stainless steel for more than 25 years, from raw materials to finished goods. In supply front, Chain Chon Group's dedication to R&D will guarantee superior customer service. Additionally, MSI offer its manufacture and fabrication capabilities from China to Taiwan. Our services further enhance our customer's ability to maintain competitive in the North American market, including:

Raw Material Source:
- Our combined purchasing power of our service centers allows us to purchase material at the best price possible.
- Our experience allows us to have the best quality control possible. We purchase the best material from the best mill and pass that to our customers.
- We offer a full line of stainless steel grade and availability.
- We offer updated stainless steel material information; including alternative materials.
- We offer short lead time because of our stock in the service centers.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities:
- Precise fabrication and production capabilities of facilities in China, owned and operated by Chain Chon Group.
- Flexibility of material usage such as grade, size, and finish.
- Accumulation from decades of technological and quality control experience.

OEM/ODM Capabilities for Stainless Steel Trading Goods:
- Our solid partnership with stainless steel product manufactures allows us to provide the best products.
- Our supply chain advantage gives competitive pricing. Quality of materials, and shortening of lead time.
- We offer a wide availability of sourcing and possibilities.
- Due to our role as a supplier of stainless steel, we offer an advance acknowledgement of market trend.